How to celebrate finding out you're pregnant?

on June 22, 2022


how to celebrate finding out you're pregnant - 5 steps to celebrate pregnancy

5 steps on how to celebrate finding out you're pregnant

First of all, congratulation on your pregnancy! 🎊 We agree with you and think pregnancy is an event that needs to be celebrated. But how to celebrate finding out you're pregnant? You are not sure what to do next and how to celebrate your pregnancy announcement? Not sure what to do next and how to announce the pregnancy? You do not know who to invite announcing the pregnancy and how to organize the baby shower?

When you find out yourself that you are pregnant, the first moment you will think:

"This is amazing, we are now parents"

"I'm pregnant, I will be a future Mama"

"Uh, my mama will be promoted to grandma 🤣"

"My brother will be promoted to uncle"

"My sister will be promoted to auntie"

"How do we announce pregnancy"

"How to celebrate pregnancy"

and many more thoughts will run through your mind ...

Of course it matters if this is your first, second, third or even fourth pregnancy. If you are having your 5th, please post a comment, we want to celebrate it with you!

Maybe you already have a routine for celebrating your pregnancy, or maybe it's your first pregnancy. Either way, we've collected 5 steps you can celebrate your pregnancy.

Please keep in mind, this is my opinion and I'm happy if I could inspire you for your pregnancy party ideas.

1.) First you need to announce your pregnancy to your husband

When you announce your pregnancy to your husband, you already have support on board for planning the next steps. This is just my recommendation for planning the pregnancy announcement party for your family. He can support you and can come up with more ideas. That way you can both have fun sharing the great news!

2.) When should you announce pregnancy to your family and friends?

This is very important because announcing the pregnancy too early is associated with uncertainty. On our pregnancy announcement ideas page we mentioned that the best time to announce the pregnancy is the beginning of the second trimester. At this point, you are sure that you are pregnant, but keep in mind that before the second trimester, you should only tell your parents about the pregnancy. To share and celebrate your pregnancy with your friends and everyone else on social media, it is best to wait until the second trimester. 

A University of California article on "Understanding Second Trimester Miscarriage" shows that 2-3% of pregnancies are lost in the second trimester, which is much less than in the first trimester. After 20 weeks, less than 0.5% will end in a fetal demise.

So, in summary, it is best to announce your pregnancy by the second trimester and plan a pregnancy celebration.

3.) Prepare your pregnancy party in advance 

Organize a get together, for example, a barbecue in the garden or in the park, or a great dinner at home. Just decide for yourself where you feel most comfortable to share the news.

Regardless of where the party will be, preparing your pregnancy announcement party is a great way to make this event extra special. One way is to prepare a pregnancy announcement basket. In it, you can put everything for your family, friends and siblings.

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Pregnancy announcement ideas

Especially pregnancy announcement gift ideas with personalization are great to gift to your brother, sister, mother or father.

But not only gift ideas, but also the party itself wants to be planned. Therefore, consider reserving time for everyone who will attend the party, without already announcing that you are pregnant. This way you can make sure that everyone will be present. Just send them a blocker when you plan your pregnancy announcement.

Secondly, prepare great food and special family games and set a time frame to announce your pregnancy. This is the time when you can prepare with your partner to wear the special pregnancy announcement shirts or give your loved ones their pregnancy announcement gifts. 

4.) How to celebrate finding out you're pregnant on social media?

Sharing your pregnancy announcement with your social media friends on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or TikTok allows everyone to virtually celebrate the news together. One of the best ways to celebrate and share the news on social media is a surprise picture to make users think about the news. So, it is not a direct baby reveal, but rather a secret and creative message that users have to figure out for themselves.

This can be done with some funny pregnancy announcement quotes that you can find on social media like Pinterest or Instagram.

Three of our favorite baby reveal quotes:

  1. Guess what’s cooking in our oven? (Hint: It’s not cookies!)
  2. Roses are red, love is sweet, or family is growing by two tiny feet.
  3.  Here we grow again…

 5.) Celebrate you pregnant body, make yoga!

We've talked about "How to celebrate finding out you're pregnant" but what about you? It is important to make your pregnancy as comfortable as possible for you - make yoga!

Do yoga, seriously - you will be amazed at how different your body will feel when you start doing yoga. There are many great videos you can watch that will help you become a yoga master when you are pregnant.

This is one of my favorite videos:

We hope we've been able to inspire you on how to celebrate the news of your pregnancy. If so, we can't wait to hear feedback from you on our social media channels. Drop us a comment and share your experience on "How to celebrate finding out you're pregnant" To help other expectant mothers.