How To Announce 3rd Pregnancy

on June 22, 2022

How To Announce 3rd Pregnancy

Congratulation to your 3rd pregnancy 🎊

You are pregnant again - it's your 3rd pregnancy - congratulations! 🎉 But how to announce 3rd pregnancy to your family? Check out our 3rd pregnancy announcement overview for fun ways to share your news.

Pregnancy announcement are very emotional and really fun, so why not prepare for this special event. Just think about the reaction of your husband, family or parents. Everyone will agree, that this event is something really special. Even the status for each family member will change accordingly. Maybe not with your 3rd child pregnancy reveal, but if you haven't announced your pregnancy with your first or second child with special pregnancy announcement t-shirts, now you have a third chance to make this event extra special and give them goosebumps.

Your mom is promoted to grandma and your dad to grandpa. Your sister is promoted from sister to auntie and your best brother from brother to uncle. How fun would it be if they got a T-shirt as a gift with their new status printed on it. 🤣

Gift ideas for the 3rd pregnancy announcement - unique and original

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Personalized pregnancy announcement gifts 

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How to announce 3rd pregnancy to husband

It is best to share the announcement of your 3rd pregnancy with your husband first. Because he is the one who is closest to you and needs to know first. But how can you tell your husband about your 3rd pregnancy? We have collected several ideas on how to announce pregnancy, check them out now:

Announce 3rd pregnancy to husband - baby daddy, baby mama, baby

How to announce 3rd pregnancy to family

Announcing your 3rd pregnancy to the family is more exciting and can be more fun because everyone is involved. So you can have a big party where you invite all the family members and tell them all at once that you are pregnant. But just announcing it, would be too easy. It's much better to prepare the announcement well so that it will be really special. Make it very special, so they will never forget the moment of the baby reveal announcement.

We have collected great pregnancy announcement shirts, that you can use to announce your pregnancy to your loved ones. Each of the t-shirt designs are original and unique, check out our pregnancy announcement ideas now:

Announce pregnancy to family

How to reveal your pregnancy to parents

When you tell your parents that you are pregnant, it is even more exciting than telling the whole family, so it is best to do two events to announce your pregnancy.

One event for your parents, that's the first, and a second for the whole family. We have collected a number of pregnancy announcement ideas for parents, check them out now:

 How to tell parents about pregnancy

How to announce your pregnancy to Grandparents

Telling your grandparents that you're pregnant for the third time will probably make them very proud. Grandparents love pregnancy news. So, it is the easiest way to tell them that you are pregnant, because they will support you the most. That's why we've collected several pregnancy reveal ideas.

If you are looking for baby reveal ideas for your mum and dad which are promoted to grandparents, then you can find them here:

Only the best moms get promoted to grandparents

Pregnancy baby reveal video that will make your heart burst

Just to warm you up for your pregnancy announcement, check out this video! Just see how emotional it can be and how happy everyone is, it is really entertaining and fun to watch. One of the comments below the video, we really like and want to share with you is: "Moral of the story: parents/siblings will be more excited about your pregnancy than most kids" 🤣 it is so true!