Ways To Announce Pregnancy To Family In Person

on June 23, 2022

Ways to announce pregnancy to family in person

There are several ways to announce a pregnancy, from sending emails or postcards to announcing the special news in person. In our opinion, the best way is to announce your pregnancy in person. You see your family's reaction, and you can celebrate it together right away. It's just more emotional and you feel more connected. In this overview, we show you ways to announce pregnancy to family in person.

Ways to announce pregnancy to family in person - Preparation

So if you want to announce your pregnancy in person, you need to be prepared. The following 8 steps will help you organize your personal pregnancy announcement.


  1. Set a date for the announcement and make sure all family members are available at that time.
  2. Make the announcement of pregnancy in person together with your husband, it will be more fun and you will have extra support.
  3. Prepare something to eat and drink, this will help you in two ways: first, everyone will be in a better state of mind and second, you will have a better structure for the time of the announcement.
  4. Make the baby announcement at the right time, preferably before or after dinner.
  5. Bring some fun gifts to the pregnancy announcement to share the special news with your family. Surprise your family with a pregnancy announcement basket that includes a shirt with a fun pregnancy announcement saying.
  6. Thank all family members for attending the announcement.
  7. Inform everyone of the next steps in your family planning and ask for support if needed.
  8. Enjoy the fact that you are now a mom.

Now that we have clarified the main planning steps, we can talk about ways to announce pregnancy to family in person. Well, there are many ways to announce a pregnancy. We have compiled the most important blog articles to help you plan your personal pregnancy announcement to parents.

How to tell your husband you're pregnant?

There is a wide range of ideas and possibilities to announce pregnancy. The announcement of your pregnancy does not have to be boring at all, but can also be funny and sibling pregnancy announcement shirts have to be funny! The first person you tell about the pregnancy is probably your partner. Finally, being able to announce the pregnancy to your husband or boyfriend is the greatest joy. But instead of just showing the pregnancy test, you can come up with something special. We have designed funny pregnant t-shirt and baby on the way shirts to tell him about the pregnancy in an original and funny way. Here you'll find lots of creative and fun gift ideas on how to announce pregnancy. Our collection of funny pregnancy shirts or baby on the way shirts are designed especially for pregnancy announcements. If you want to tell pregnancy to your parents, visit our blog post how to tell your parents your pregnant.

Pregnancy announcement gift ideas for family

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Pregnancy announcement ideas - A list of the best 6


How to tell parents about pregnancy

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How to celebrate pregnancy

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Funny pregnancy announcement video

There are many funny videos that show the emotions of pregnancy announcements. One of our favorite videos is this one:

The reactions are absolutely brilliant🤣!


Matching family shirt Baby Mama - Baby Daddy and baby

matching family shirt

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