Witches Rock Costa Rica

on August 05, 2022

Playa Naranjo or better known as Witches Rock (sp. Roca Bruja) is one of the greatest surf spots in Costa Rica. In this article, you will learn more about Witch's Rock from the location to great locations to stay.


Where is Witches Rock in Costa Rica?

Witches Rock is part of the Santa Rosa National Park and located in the northwest of Guanacaste. Playa Naranjo is very popular among surfers and scientists for the nature, the scenery and the great surf conditions.




Why is Witches Rock Costa Rica a Surfer Paradise?

Preferred, chosen by experienced surfer, Playa Naranjo has perfect surf conditions. In addition to that, this surfer paradise has an endless beach surrounded by tropical dry forest and spectacular fauna and flora. All of that makes Witches Rock unique and very special - a surfing paradise.


How to get to Witches Rock – Playa Naranjo?

There are two ways to get to Witch’s Rock which is with a proper all-wheel drive vehicle through Santa Rosa National Park or with a boat by water.

Due to the special location, Witches Rock is primarily for surfers who want to seriously surf and already have some experiences.

When is the Best Time to Surf in Costa Rica?

The surf conditions in Costa Rica are really great, but when is the best time to surf in Costa Rica? In our guide: "Best time to Surf Costa Rica" we have listed the best time to surf in different places in Costa Rica, including the North Pacific Coast, where Witches Rock is one of the surf spots.

Witches Rock Surf Camp

If you are looking for a surf camp at Witches rock, then Witches Rock Surf Camp is right for you. If you want to get a better insight to witches rock surf camp, just check out the images of Witches Rock Surf Camp at TripAdvisor. The images will give you additional information and finally will convince you to visit the Witches Rock Surf Camp. Don’t forget to read the reviews. Overall, Witches Rock Surf Camp is great for beginner, intermediate and advanced surfer.

More images, videos and info about the Witches Rock Surf Camp can be found here:

YouTube Video of the Witches Rock Surf Camp:




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